Get your Eyebrows '4' Us Membership Card
Look at our many plans designed to fit your individual needs!

Benefits of Membership:

You can use your membership card at any of our locations. (With our Summerlin and Nellis and bonanza locations coming soon!) You pay in advance for all of your services and save cash, which always comes in handy!

Holders of the Eyebrows '4' Us membership card receive priority during waiting periods and can schedule appointments for all services, including threading.

Basic Member:

If you get your eyebrows done twice a month you are getting them done 24 times a year, that's 240 dollars, but for one installment of 180 dollars you can get your eyebrows done 25 times and get a complimentary 40 dollar service for becoming a member. Or if you wish to pay your 100 dollars in 2 installments you will get 25 eyebrows and 2 free underarm waxes.

Bronze Member:

If you get your eyebrow and lip done twice a month then you pay 360 dollars yearly, however with our membership you pay only 270 a year, if you pay this in one installment you get a free 40 dollar service and two installments of 135 gets you half off any 40 dollar service.

Silver Member:

Brow lip and chin twice a month comes out to 480 dollars a year. If you pay 375 dollars not only do you save 105 but you also get 50% off of one facial and 50% off of any waxing service including full body wax (which is normally a cost of 150 dollars!) If you prefer paying 2 installments, it's simply 2 installments of 200 dollars with all the same benefits.TOP

Gold Member:

If you get a full face done twice a month you are paying 960 dollars yearly for all of your threading services! If you pay 750 dollars you get your 40 dollar full face service for only 25 dollars each. Pay this in one installment and receive 80 dollars worth of free services, pay in two installments of 400 dollars and receive 40 dollars worth of free services.

Facial Fanatic:

If you love our facials, and let's be honest, who doesn't? You can get 21 facials a year for only 700 dollars instead of the 840 it regularly costs. And if you prefer 2 installments of 350 dollars, you still receive 20 facials!

Platinum Member (1 and 2):

For 900 dollars you can receive 15 facials, 24 eyebrow and upper lip threads, and receive half off of up to 300 dollars in waxing services in your first 6 months of membership!

Add 500 more dollars, changing your price to 1400 dollar and receive 24 full faces and 15 facials, and half off of all waxing services up to 500 dollars, throughout your membership.

Rules and Conditions of Membership:

  • Membership benefits cannot be transferred.
  • Memberships must be renewed yearly.
  • All membership payments are non refundable and there is a cancellation fee of 350 dollars if your membership is cancelled after the first payment of a two installment payment plan.


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